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Apology, new editor for Notornis, etc.

TitleApology, new editor for Notornis, etc.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHoldaway, R
Type of Articleeditor's notes

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An unfortunate sequence of events during the preparation of the March 2007 issue led to early, corrupt drafts of three papers being printed in error in place of the final versions as checked and approved by the authors. The papers (listed below in their original order of publication) are reprinted in this issue, in their final, uncorrupted form. The Editor regrets and apologises for the embarrassment and inconvenience caused to the authors by the errors in the published papers as a result of these circumstances, which were beyond their control.

Beauchamp. A.J.; Parrish, G.R. 2007. Wader (Charadriifomes) and royal spoonbill (Platalea regia) use of roosts in Whangarei Harbour and Ruakaka Estuary, Northland, 1973-2000. Notornis 54(1): 1-9.

Neuhäuser, M.; Cuming, P. 2007. Climate change and the arrival of self-introduced bird species in New Zealand. Notornis 54(1): 11-14.

Beauchamp, A.J. 2007. Notes on New Zealand pipit (Anthus n. novaeseelandiae) home range, parental care, and the behaviour of dependent young. Notornis 54(1): 44-47.

New Editor for Notornis

As already noted on the Ornithological Society of New Zealand website, Dr James Briskie assumed the Editorship of Notornis on 1 January 2008. He will be responsible for the journal from and including Volume 55, part 1, March 2008. The retiring Editor is responsible for all issues up to and including the December 2007 (Volume 54, part 4).

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