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Title Authors Year Volume Issue Pages
Birds New Zealand No. 27 2020 September 27
Birds New Zealand No. 25 2020 March 25
Birds New Zealand No. 26 2020 June 26
Birds New Zealand No. 28 2020 December 28
A special issue on waders in New Zealand: Foreword H.A. Robertson 2020 67 4 586
A special issue on waders in New Zealand: Introduction K. Woodley 2020 67 4 587-590
Distribution and numbers of waders in New Zealand, 2005–2019 A.C. Riegen; P.M. Sagar 2020 67 4 591-634
A comparison of spring (November), summer (February), and winter (June) wader counts from Farewell Spit, 1998–2019 R. Schuckard; D.S. Melville; P. Bilton; D. MacKenzie; W. Cook; S. Wood; D. Cooper 2020 67 4 635-642
Numbers of bar-tailed godwits (Limosa lapponica baueri) in New Zealand and Australia during the austral summer of 2019–2020 R. Schuckard; D.S. Melville; A. Riegen; P. Driscoll; J. Driessen; L.R. Kidd 2020 67 4 643-650
Notes on staging bar-tailed godwits (Limosa lapponica baueri) at Ouvéa (Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia) during southward migration in 2007 R. Schuckard; D.S. Melville 2020 67 4 651-656
Bar-tailed godwits (Limosa lapponica) crossing the Inland Kaikoura Ranges, South Island, New Zealand B.L. Smith; P.F. Battley 2020 67 4 657-658
Movements of New Zealand ruddy turnstones (Arenaria interpres) D.S. Melville; A.C. Riegen; R. Schuckard; (T.)A.M. Habraken 2020 67 4 659-672
Seasonal use of farmland by shorebirds on the south Kaipara, North Island, New Zealand B. Michaux 2020 67 4 673-676
National changes in occupancy of New Zealand-breeding Charadriiformes, 1969–1979 to 1999–2004 S. Walker; A. Monks; J. Innes 2020 67 4 677-691
Breeding of variable oystercatcher (Haematopus unicolor) at the Port Waikato sandspit, North Island, New Zealand A. Berghuis 2020 67 4 693-696
Long distance movements of ‘adult’ variable oystercatchers (Haematopus unicolor) in New Zealand D.S. Melville; R. Schuckard; C. Bell; M. Bell; W. Cook; D. Cooper; G. Bawden 2020 67 4 697-699
Underwater swimming by chicks of the variable oystercatcher (Haematopus unicolor) and the Chatham Island oystercatcher (H. chathamensis) J.E. Dowding 2020 67 4 701-703
Longevity of pied stilt (Himantopus himantopus) A.M. Habraken; D.A. Lawrie 2020 67 4 705-707
Pedigree validation using genetic markers in an intensively- managed taonga species, the critically endangered kakī (Himantopus novaezelandiae) A. Overbeek; S. Galla; L. Brown; S. Cleland; C. Thyne; R. Maloney; T. Steeves 2020 67 4 709-716
Changes in the number and distribution of northern New Zealand dotterels (Charadrius obscurus aquilonius): results of four censuses undertaken between 1989 and 2011 J.E. Dowding 2020 67 4 717-728
Record of a southern New Zealand dotterel (Charadrius o. obscurus) in the northern North Island J.E. Dowding 2020 67 4 729-731
Distribution, long term population trends and conservation status of banded dotterels (Charadrius bicinctus bicinctus) on braided rivers in New Zealand C.F.J. O'Donnell; J.M. Monks 2020 67 4 733-753
Survival and breeding success of wrybills (Anarhynchus frontalis) in the Tekapo and Tasman Rivers, South Canterbury, New Zealand J.E. Dowding; E.C. Murphy; M.J. Elliott 2020 67 4 755-764
Displaced by riverbed flooding; quantifying numbers and distribution of refugee wrybill (Anarhynchus frontalis) on Canterbury coastal wetlands in October–November 2013 A.C. Crossland; P. Crutchley 2020 67 4 765-771
Reflections on Thinornis rossii G.M. Kirwan; N.J. Collar 2020 67 4 773-781
Population estimation of the New Zealand storm petrel (Fregetta maoriana) from mark-recapture techniques at Hauturu/Little Barrier Island and from at-sea resightings of banded birds M.J. Rayner; C.P. Gaskin; G.A. Taylor; A.J.D. Tennyson; N.B. Fitzgerald; K.A. Baird; M.R. Friesen; J. Ross; S.M.H. Ismar-Rebitz 2020 67 3 503-510
Post-translocation dispersal and home range establishment of roroa (great spotted kiwi, Apteryx haastii): need for long- term monitoring and a flexible management strategy R. Toy; S. Toy 2020 67 3 511-525
Individual variation in the foraging behaviour of two New Zealand foliage-gleaning birds I.G. McLean 2020 67 3 526-542
Breeding petrels of Breaksea and Dusky Sounds, Fiordland; responses to three decades of predator control C.M. Miskelly; C.R. Bishop; T.C. Greene; J. Rickett; G.A. Taylor; A.J.D. Tennyson 2020 67 3 543-557
Marine debris in the nests of tākapu (Australasian gannets, Morus serrator) in the inner Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand N. Adams; C. Gaskin; E. Whitehead 2020 67 3 558-563
First record of rose-crowned fruit-dove (Ptilinopus regina) from New Zealand C.M. Miskelly 2020 67 3 564-567
Acoustic attraction system draws in competing seabird species J.H. Fischer; G.A. Taylor; I. Debski; H.U. Wittmer 2020 67 3 568-572
Black petrel (Procellaria parkinsoni) congregations at sea off Perú during the Austral summer J. Quinones; J. Calderon; L. Mayaute; E. Bell 2020 67 3 573-576
Observation of a predation event on a black-bellied storm petrel (Fregetta tropica) by brown skuas (Stercorarius antarcticus) on Enderby Island G. Madani 2020 67 3 577-579
Buller’s mollymawk (Thalassarche bulleri platei) count at Rosemary Rock, Manawatāwhi (Three Kings Islands) M.J. Rayner; K.A. Parker; T. Neho; T. Hvid 2020 67 3 580-582
Eggs salvaged from an abandoned black-billed gull (Larus bulleri) colony on the Ashley/Rakahuri River, North Canterbury J.E. Dowding 2020 67 3 583-585
Towards the reestablishment of community equilibrium of native and non-native landbird species in response to pest control on islands in the Eastern Bay of Islands, New Zealand C.J. Ralph; C.P. Ralph; L.L. Long 2020 67 2 437-450
Breeding of little penguins (Eudyptula minor), including multiple brooding, at South Bay, Kaikōura, New Zealand, 2006–2017 L.K. Rowe; J.S. Weir; A.G. Judkins 2020 67 2 451-459
Aberrant and deformed Antarctic penguins and unusual eggs S.V. Golubev 2020 67 2 459-468
Recoveries of Hutton’s shearwaters (Puffinus huttoni) from Kaikōura, New Zealand L.K. Rowe; G.A. Taylor 2020 67 2 469-474
Observations of New Zealand kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) foraging on insects associated with artificial sugar-water feeders D.A. Erastova; M.C. Stanley 2020 67 2 475-478
First record of a New Zealand banded red-billed gull (Larus novaehollandiae scopulinus) recovered from mainland Australia J.A. Mills; J.W. Yarrall; D.A. Mills 2020 67 2 479-480
Large-scale hail-induced mortality in white-fronted tern (Sterna striata) and black-billed gull (Larus bulleri) breeding colonies on the Rangitata River, New Zealand K.A. Weston; I. Fraser 2020 67 2 481-484
Eurasian tree sparrow (Passer montanus) recently established on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands S.C. Butcher; A.C. Crossland; P. Crutchley; N.D. Mugan; K. Simeon 2020 67 2 485-487
A little penguin (Eudyptula minor) from South Bay, Kaikōura, New Zealand with a unique breeding history L. Rowe; J. Weir 2020 67 2 488-493
Palaeoecological reconstructions depend on accurate species identification: examples from South Island, New Zealand, Pachyornis (Aves: Dinornithiformes) R.N. Holdaway; R.J. Rowe 2020 67 2 494-502
Ornithological discovery, exploration, and research on the Auckland Islands, New Zealand subantarctic C.M. Miskelly; R.H. Taylor 2020 67 1 11-58
Subantarctic Adams Island and its birdlife G.P. Elliott; K.J. Walker; G.C. Parker; K. Rexer-Huber; C.M. Miskelly 2020 67 1 153-187
Birds of Enderby Island, Auckland Islands, New Zealand subantarctic R.K. French; C.M. Miskelly; C.G. Muller; R.B. Russ; G.A. Taylor; A.J.D. Tennyson 2020 67 1 189-212
Shipwrecks and mollymawks: an account of Disappointment Island birds K.J. Walker; G.P. Elliott; K. Rexer-Huber; G.C. Parker; P.M. Sagar; P.J. McClelland 2020 67 1 213-245