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Birds New Zealand No. 24 2019 December 24
Pest mammal eradication leads to landscape-scale spillover of tūī (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) from a New Zealand mainland biodiversity sanctuary N. Fitzgerald; J. Innes; N.W.H. Mason 2019 66 4 181-191
Black-fronted tern (Chlidonias albostriatus) colony dynamics in New Zealand braided rivers C.H. Hamblin; A.M. Paterson; J.G. Ross; R.F. Maloney 2019 66 4 192-199
New Zealand pipit (Anthus n. novaeseelandiae) nesting and breeding behaviour in urban Onerahi, Whangarei A.J. Beauchamp 2019 66 4 200-209
Long-lived variable oystercatchers (Haematopus unicolor) E.C. Roberts; J.E. Dowding 2019 66 4 210-212
Evidence of late breeding of spotless crakes (Porzana tabuensis) at two North Island peat bog lakes E.M. Williams 2019 66 4 213-216
Swamp harrier (Circus approximans) road-kills,1962–2018, and the effect of rabbit density J. E.C.Flux 2019 66 4 217-220
Earlier laying by little penguins (Eudyptula minor): a possible effect of global warming C.N. Challies 2019 66 4 221-223
Effectiveness and efficiency of avian species detection: a comparison between field observers and automatic recording devices J.A.J. Mortimer; T.C. Greene; P. van Dam-Bates; I.M. Westbrooke 2019 66 3 109-128
Parameters influencing selection of nest boxes by little penguins (Eudyptula minor) H. Ratz 2019 66 3 129-138
Birds and bats of Rotuma, Fiji A. Cibois; J.C. Thibault; D. Watling 2019 66 3 139-149
Vagrant and extra-limital bird records accepted by the Birds New Zealand Records Appraisal Committee 2017–2018 C.M. Miskelly; A.C. Crossland; I. Saville; I. Southey; A.J.D. Tennyson; E.A. Bell 2019 66 3 150-163
Egg-sized rocks found in nests of North Island saddleback (Philesturnus rufusater) K. Beaven; C. Villiard; R. Empson; D.F. Shanahan 2019 66 3 164-167
The ‘French kiwi’ Dromiceius novaezelandiae first recorded and named by R.P. Lesson in the Bay of Islands, April 1824 M. Lee; M.D. Bruce 2019 66 3 168-173
Grey warbler (Gerygone igata) aggressive behaviour towards rifleman (Acanthisitta chloris) fledglings Y.Yi Loo; I.G. Moran; K.E. Cain 2019 66 3 174-177
A vagrant Buller’s albatross (Thalassarche bulleri) in Uruguayan shelf waters: northernmost record in the Southwest Atlantic P. Miller; S. Jimenez 2019 66 3 178-180
Long-tailed cuckoo (Eudynamys taitensis) predation on rifleman (Acanthisitta chloris) nestlings I.G. Moran; Y.Yi Loo; K.E. Cain 2019 66 2 103-107
Can grey duck (Anas superciliosa) x mallard (A. platyrhynchos) hybrids be recognised in the field? M. Williams 2019 66 2 45-63
Phenotypic variability within and between regional populations of Anas superciliosa (Anatidae) M. Williams 2019 66 2 64-73
Breeding petrels of Chalky and Preservation Inlets, southern Fiordland – a test of the ‘refugia from resident stoats’ hypothesis C.M. Miskelly; C.R. Bishop; G.A. Taylor; A.J.D. Tennyson 2019 66 2 74-90
Update on North Island tomtit (Petroica macrocephala toitoi) at Atuanui, Mount Auckland B. Michaux; H. Taparau 2019 66 2 91-94
The use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to census large breeding colonies of black-billed gull (Larus bulleri) and white-fronted tern (Sterna striata) at the Ashburton River/Hakatere River mouth M. Bell; P. Harborne 2019 66 2 95-97
Sodium-rich clay soil geophagy by common redpoll (Carduelis flammea) in New Zealand D. Flaspohler; S.J. Smaill 2019 66 2 98-102
Landscape-scale applications of 1080 pesticide benefit North Island brown kiwi (Apteryx mantelli) and New Zealand fantail (Rhipidura fuliginosa) in Tongariro Forest, New Zealand H.A. Robertson; J. Guillotel; T. Lawson; N. Sutton 2019 66 1 1-15
Australasian little grebe (Tachybaptus novaehollandiae) breeding on Whangarei sewerage wetlands, New Zealand, 2015–2017 A.J. Beauchamp 2019 66 1 16-22
The movements of juvenile and immature variable oystercatchers (Haematopus unicolor) from the Kaikōura Peninsula, South Island, New Zealand L.K. Rowe 2019 66 1 23-30
Seasonal use of Slipper and Spectacle Lakes by New Zealand fairy tern (Sternula nereis davisae) and Caspian tern (Hydroprogne caspia) M.C. Harris; J.M. Preddey; G.A. Pulham 2019 66 1 31-33
A Holocene fossil South Island takahē (Porphyrio hochstetteri) in a high-altitude north-west Nelson cave A.P. Boast 2019 66 1 34-36
A survey of four shag species in the outer Queen Charlottle Sound, New Zealand L.B. Chilvers; H. Curtis; V. Zintzen; L. Wakelin; S.W. Geange 2019 66 1 37-40
Marine predation of southern royal albatross (Diomedea epomophora) by New Zealand sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri) K. Zufelt 2019 66 1 41-43
Birds New Zealand No. 19 2018 September 19
Birds New Zealand No. 17 2018 March 17
Birds New Zealand No. 18 2018 June 18
Birds New Zealand No. 20 2018 December 20
North Island brown kiwi (Apteryx mantelli) monitoring at Whenuakite: Trend comparison of observer and acoustic recorder collected call counts P. Stewart; M. Hasenbank 2018 65 4 179-186
A video camera assessment of morepork (Ninox novaeseelandiae) diet and breeding success on Tiritiri Matangi Island S.A. Busbridge; J.R. Stewart 2018 65 4 187-195
An estimate of the Hutton’s shearwater (Puffinus huttoni) population in the Kaikōura region using colour-marking in 2002 and 2014 L.K. Rowe; P.R. Scofield; G.A. Taylor; R.J. Barker 2018 65 4 196-201
From wetlands to islands: morphological variation, plumage and song in Pacific island Acrocephalus warblers B.D. Bell 2018 65 4 202-222
Estimates of local occupancy for native land birds from the New Zealand bird atlases S. Walker; A. Monks 2018 65 4 223-236
A rare vocalisation from an adult female tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) S.D. Hill 2018 65 4 237-238
Dispersal of translocated endemic passerines to nearby islands in Chalky and Preservation Inlets, southern Fiordland, New Zealand C.M. Miskelly; C.R. Bishop; T.C. Greene; A.J.D. Tennyson 2018 65 4 239-241
Vertebrate prey in the diets of free-ranging kiwi (Apteryx spp.) M.S. Savoca; J. Gardiner; R. Colbourne; A.J.D. Tennyson 2018 65 4 242-244
Bird species observed within a garden at Kaikōura, New Zealand, 2005‒2016 L. Rowe; J. Rowe 2018 65 3 117-131
Changes in the forest bird community of an urban sanctuary in response to pest mammal eradications and endemic bird reintroductions C.M. Miskelly 2018 65 3 132-151
Phylogeographic structure and a genetic assignment method for Buller’s albatross ssp. (Thalassarche bulleri ssp.) J.R. Wold; C.J.R. Robertson; G.K. Chambers; P.A. Ritchie 2018 65 3 152-163
Buller’s mollymawk (Thalassarche bulleri) on Rosemary Rock, Three Kings Islands, New Zealand P.G.H. Frost; N. Fitzgerald; R. Robinson; O. Hamilton 2018 65 3 164-167
New breeding records of seabirds at Carnley Harbour (Auckland Islands), Cossack Rock (Campbell Island) and south coast of The Snares K.J. Wilson; A. Barthel; M. Lipson; C. Fogwill; C. Turney 2018 65 3 168-173
Deliberate charcoal consumption by an introduced parrot, eastern rosella (Platycercus eximius), in New Zealand J.A. Galbraith 2018 65 3 174-177
First confirmed records of little black cormorant (Phalacrocorax sulcirostris) for the Solomon Islands S.C. Butcher; A.C. Crossland; P. Crutchley; N.D. Mugan 2018 65 2 109-112
The locality and date of collection of the holotype of New Zealand storm petrel, Pealeornis maoriana Mathews, 1932 R. Galbreath 2018 65 2 113-116