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Title Authors Year Volume Issue Pages
Contemporary observations of predation on the buff weka (Gallirallus australis hectori) by ferrets in the South Island during the nineteenth century C.M. King 2017 64 1 52-55
Birds New Zealand No. 11 2016 September 11
Birds New Zealand No. 9 2016 March 9
Birds New Zealand No. 10 2016 June 10
Birds New Zealand No. 12 2016 December 12
Bird densities at recreational parks within the species’ native and introduced ranges J.A.J. Mortimer 2016 63 3-4 117-129
Plumage variation in Gould’s petrel (Pterodroma leucoptera): an evaluation of the taxonomic validity of P. l. caledonica (Imber & Jenkins 1981) D.J. Portelli 2016 63 3-4 130-141
Counts of waterbirds at Western Springs Lake, Auckland, New Zealand B.J. Gill; R.C. West 2016 63 3-4 142-151
Changes in the status and distribution of Australasian bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus) in New Zealand, 1800s−2011 C.F.J. O'Donnell; H.A. Robertson 2016 63 3-4 152-166
Distribution of sympatric orange-fronted (Cyanoramphus malherbi) and yellow-crowned parakeets (C. auriceps) in the South Branch Hurunui, New Zealand, prior to a catastrophic population crash J.C. Kearvell 2016 63 3-4 167-172
A previously un-noticed record of the grey warbler (Gerygone igata) by R.-P. Lesson in the Bay of Islands, April 1824 M. Lee 2016 63 3-4 173-175
Records of macaroni penguins (Eudyptes chrysolophus) from Mirny Station, East Antarctica S.V. Golubev 2016 63 3-4 176-178
Bird abundance in grey shrubland in the Wakatipu Basin, Otago, New Zealand B. Lawrence; R. Teele; B. McKinlay 2016 63 3-4 179-182
Abstracts of papers presented at the Ornithological Society of New Zealand AGM and conference, 4-6 June 2016, Napier, New Zealand Various 2016 63 3-4 183-196
First and second breeding of Australian wood duck (Chenonetta jubata) in New Zealand W.A. Cook; D. Cooper; P. Foes-Lamb; J. Foes-Lamb; J. Gdanitz; G. Davies; C. Field; P. Field; D.S. Melville 2016 63 2 105-108
An unlikely native prey for the New Zealand falcon (Falco novae-seelandiae): the little penguin (Eudyptula minor) T. Poupart 2016 63 2 109-111
First record of a petrel species killed by penguins: outcome of competition for artificial nesting boxes M.R. Friesen; J.R. Ross; M. Maitland; C.P. Gaskin 2016 63 2 112-115
Diving behaviour of black petrels (Procellaria parkinsoni) in New Zealand waters and its relevance to fisheries interaction E.A. Bell 2016 63 2 57-65
DNA barcodes highlight two clusters within the little penguin (Eudyptula minor): time to reassess species delineation? J. Waugh 2016 63 2 66-72
Population trends of braided river birds on the Ashley River (Rakahuri), Canterbury, New Zealand, 1963–2015 E.B. Spurr; N.J. Ledgard 2016 63 2 73-86
Nesting behaviour and development of New Zealand falcons (Falco novaeseelandiae) in a plantation forest J. Holland; A. Thomas; E. Minot 2016 63 2 87-95
Patterns of calling by shining cuckoo (Chrysococcyx lucidus) on Kawau Island, New Zealand A.J. Beauchamp 2016 63 2 96-104
Landscape-scale trapping of stoats (Mustela erminea) benefits tokoeka (Apteryx australis) in the Murchison Mountains, Fiordland, New Zealand J. Tansell; H.K. Edmonds; H.A. Robertson 2016 63 1 1-8
New distribution records of collared petrel (Pterodroma brevipes) in Fiji and development of a rapid assessment monitoring method M. O'Brien; J.P. Bird; E. O'Connor; P. Qalo; M. Fraser; D. Watling 2016 63 1 18-25
Adult sex ratios in wild orange-fronted parakeet (Cyanoramphus malherbi): are there conservation implications? J.C. Kearvell; M.R. Farley 2016 63 1 26-31
Assessing parasite infections from avian faecal samples: the old methods are still the best B. Presswell; C. LaGrue 2016 63 1 32-36
Artificial light at night potentially alters feeding behaviour of the native southern black-backed gull (Larus dominicanus) A.R. Pugh; S.M. Pawson 2016 63 1 37-39
Captive caracals (Caracal caracal) depredate a wild tui (Prosthema-dera novaeseelandiae) within zoo enclosure S.D. Hill; M.C. Silva 2016 63 1 40-41
New Zealand fairy tern (Sternula nereis davisae) foraging behaviour at Te Arai Stream D.S. Jeffries; L.S. Bull; E.G. Lagnaz; G.A. Pulham; D.S. Wilson; P. Wilson; R. L.Zimmerman 2016 63 1 42-45
Destruction of a North Island robin (Petroica longipes) nest by a little spotted kiwi (Apteryx owenii) R.C. Shaw; R.D. MacKinlay 2016 63 1 46-49
Changes in the number of black-billed gulls (Larus bulleri) nesting on the Ruamahanga River, Wairarapa, between 1998 and 201 A. Rebergen 2016 63 1 50-53
An opportunistic sighting of a flock of black petrels (Procellaria parkinsoni) at Galápagos Islands, Ecuador C.P. Gaskin; P. Harrison; K.A. Baird; F. Cunninghame; S.M.H. Ismar; E.A. Bell 2016 63 1 54-56
Nest site selection by sympatric orange-fronted (Cyanoramphus malherbi) and yellow-crowned parakeets (C. auriceps) in Nothofagus spp. forest: interspecific competition between two closely related species? J.C. Kearvell; J.V. Hal 2016 63 1 9-17
Birds New Zealand No. 7 2015 September 7
Birds New Zealand No. 5 2015 March 5
Birds New Zealand No. 6 2015 June 6
Birds New Zealand No. 8 2015 December 8
Temporal changes in birds and bird song detected in Zealandia sanctuary, Wellington, New Zealand, over 2011-2015 B.D. Bell 2015 62 4 173-183
Analysis of the impacts of a water channel diversion wall on waterbirds inhabiting the western end of Lake Rotoiti, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand D. Smith; C. Bycroft; R. McClellan; R. Gillies; W. Shaw 2015 62 4 184-191
Changes in the breeding status of the southern black-backed gull (Larus dominicanus) colonies on Rangitoto Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand M. Galbraith; J. Krzyzosiak; G. Aguilar; G. Jones; R. Oliver 2015 62 4 192-201
Predation of white-flippered penguins (Eudyptula minor albosignata) by ferrets (Mustela furo) in Harris Bay, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand C.N. Challies 2015 62 4 202-208
Population and breeding census of New Zealand king shag (Leucocarbo carunculatus) in 2015 R. Schuckard; D.S. Melville; G. Taylor 2015 62 4 209-218
Disseminations which established Canada goose (Branta canadensis) throughout New Zealand M.J. Imber; M. Williams 2015 62 4 219-230
First record of dusky woodswallow (Artamus cyanopterus) in New Zealand S. Kakishima; T. Morimoto 2015 62 4 231-232
First records of marsh sandpiper (Tringa stagnatilis) in the Solomon Islands S.C. Butcher; N.D. Mugan; P. Crutchley; A.C. Crossland; J. Kake 2015 62 4 233-236
Formidable carpal weaponry of Anas chathamica, Chatham Island’s extinct flightless duck M. Williams 2015 62 3 113-120
A three year census of wetland birds on Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora, Canterbury during the post-breeding period A.C. Crossland; P. Crutchley; B. Alexander; K. Harrison; S. Petch; J. Walker 2015 62 3 121-129
Genetic similarity of Hutton’s shearwaters (Puffinus huttoni) from two relict breeding populations M. Hale; G. Harrow; P. Bradfield; I. Cubrinovska; R.N. Holdaway 2015 62 3 130-134
Age and sex criteria for the hihi (Notiomystis cincta) with additional details on moult patterns C. Smith; L.K. Walker; J.G. Ewen 2015 62 3 135-142
Distribution, population status and trends of grey-faced petrel (Pterodroma macroptera gouldi) in the northern North Island, New Zealand B.S. Greene; G.A. Taylor; R. Earl 2015 62 3 143-161