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Eller, G. J. (1989). Grey Ternlets in the Andaman Sea. Notornis, 36(2), 159-260.
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Edwards, J. S. (1955). The birds of Mayor Island. Notornis, 6(4), 118-119.
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Edgar, A. T. (1973). Classified summarised notes. Notornis, 20(4), 346-376.
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Edgar, A. T. (1962). Welcome Swallows in Northland. Notornis, 9(8), 293-294.
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Edgar, A. T. (1975). Classified summarised notes. Notornis, 22(4), 313-340.
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Edgar, A. T. (1949). Winter notes on New Zealand birds. Notornis, 3(7), 170-174.
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Edgar, A. T. (1972). Classified summarised notes 1963-1970. Notornis, 19(sup), 1-91.
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Edgar, A. T. (1961). South Island Robin eating venison. Notornis, 9(6), 199-199.
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Edgar, A. T., & Grant, P.. (1969). Nankeen Kestrels in New Zealand. Notornis, 16(4), 288-298.
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Edgar, A. T. (1962). Farewell Spit in winter - 21-26/5/62. Notornis, 10(2), 54-61.
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Edgar, A. T. (1969). Brown Booby in Bay of Islands. Notornis, 16(1), 60-61.
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Edgar, A. T. (1972). Classified summarised notes. Notornis, 19(4), 339-364.
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Edgar, A. T. (1961). Arctic Terns near Manukau Heads. Notornis, 9(5), 173-173.
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