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Holdaway, R. (2007). Apology, new editor for Notornis, etc. Notornis, 54(4), 120-120.
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Gill, B. J. (1983). April bird-counts at Ohau Gorge near Levin. Notornis, 30(4), 337-339.
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Sibson, R. B. (1956). Arctic Skua chasing small passerine. Notornis, 7(2), 63-63.
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Fleming, C. A. (1958). Arctic Skua landing on beach. Notornis, 7(8), 236-236.
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Lewis, M. J. (1987). An Arctic Skua taking passerines at sea. Notornis, 34(1), 83-84.
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Jenkins, J. A. F. (1979). Arctic Skuas at sea. Notornis, 26(4), 329-329.
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Southey, I. (1980). Arctic Skuas chase waders at Miranda. Notornis, 27(1), 88-88.
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Frew, H. (1969). Arctic Tern in Manukau Harbour. Notornis, 16(1), 56-56.
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Sibson, R. B. (1982). Arctic Tern in Manukau Harbour. Notornis, 29(1), 47-48.
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Imber, M. J. (1965). Arctic Tern on Foxton Beach. Notornis, 12(3), 157-157.
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Edgar, A. T. (1961). Arctic Terns near Manukau Heads. Notornis, 9(5), 173-173.
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Soper, M. F. (1961). Are Riflemen polygamous?. Notornis, 9(4), 124-133.
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Sumich, J. (2003). Ark in the Park. Southern Bird, 16(Dec), 8-9.
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Johnson, J. (1940). Arrival dates of Shining Cuckoo in Southland. Reports and Bulletins, 1(1), 33-33.
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Atkins, H. (1949). Arrival of Shining Cuckoo. Notornis, 3(4), 109-109.
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Fleming, C. A. (1950). Asiatic Whimbrel at Petone. Notornis, 4(1), 2-3.
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