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Claridge, J. C. R. (1981). Australian Coot in marine environment. Notornis, 28(2), 142-142.
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Small, M. M., & Soper, M. F.. (1959). Australian Coots nesting in Otago. Notornis, 8(4), 93-93.
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Lyle, G. W. (1973). Australian Little Grebe on Lake Okareka. Notornis, 20(3), 279-279.
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Sagar, P. M. (1978). Australian Pelicans in Canterbury. Notornis, 25(4), 353-354.
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Hindwood, K. A. (1947). Australian Raven as a straggler. Notornis, 2(5), 122-122.
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Henley, J. C. (1974). Australian Tree Martins near Te Araroa. Notornis, 21(3), 266-267.
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Barlow, M. L. (1959). Australian White Ibis near Invercargill. Notornis, 8(3), 90-90.
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Darby, J. T. (1972). The Australian White-browed Wood Swallow. Notornis, 19(2), 114-117.
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MacKereth, B. (1992). Avian pox in Variable Oystercatcher chick. Notornis, 39(4), 248-248.
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Sagar, P. M. (1974). Avifauna of Cape Bird, Antarctica. Notornis, 21(4), 385-386.
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