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Eagle, M. (1980). Black-winged Petrels on Portland Island. Notornis, 27(2), 171-175.
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Eason, D. (1988). Breeding of Great Spotted Kiwis in captivity. Notornis, 35(3), 191-193.
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Edgar, A. T. (1974). Farewell Spit, March 1974. Notornis, 21(3), 250-259.
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Edgar, A. T. (1962). A visit to the Mercury Islands. Notornis, 10(1), 1-15.
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Edgar, A. T. (1971). Sightings of rare waders in the Far North. Notornis, 18(2), 116-117.
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Edgar, A. T. (1961). Communal display in the Shining Cuckoo. Notornis, 9(4), 134-134.
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Edgar, A. T. (1976). Classified summarised notes. Notornis, 23(4), 323-353.
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Edgar, A. T. (1969). Common Sandpiper in Northland. Notornis, 16(3), 202-203.
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Edgar, A. T. (1973). Classified summarised notes. Notornis, 20(4), 346-376.
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Edgar, A. T. (1962). Welcome Swallows in Northland. Notornis, 9(8), 293-294.
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Edgar, A. T. (1975). Classified summarised notes. Notornis, 22(4), 313-340.
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Edgar, A. T. (1949). Winter notes on New Zealand birds. Notornis, 3(7), 170-174.
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