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Hutton, M., & Sloan, B.. (1993). Variable Oystercatchers cope with gulls. Notornis, 40(2), 144-144.
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Hursthouse, E. W. (1943). Winter feeding of birds. Notornis, 1(4), 35-36.
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Hursthouse, E. W. (1948). Notes on Black-backed Gull. Notornis, 3(1), 25-26.
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Huquet, L. E. J. (1961). Harrier attacked by Spur-winged Plovers. Notornis, 9(6), 209-209.
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Hudson, F. P. (1959). Local Blackbird movements. Notornis, 8(6), 166-166.
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Hudson, F. P. (1960). Lesser Frigate-bird in Kaipara. Notornis, 9(3), 109-109.
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Hudson, F. P. (1969). A huge Redpoll flock. Notornis, 16(1), 56-56.
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Hudson, F. P. (1959). Petrels over the North Auckland mainland. Notornis, 8(6), 166-166.
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Hudson, F. P. (1963). A concentration of Goldfinches. Notornis, 10(4), 184-184.
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Hudson, F. P. (1968). Spine-tailed Swifts over Kaipara Flats. Notornis, 15(1), 42-42.
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Hudson, F. P. (1973). Probable sighting of Fork-tailed Swift. Notornis, 20(2), 168-168.
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Hudson, F. P. (1966). A Starling roost in Kaipara Harbour. Notornis, 13(4), 220-220.
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