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Lyle, G. W. (1973). Australian Little Grebe on Lake Okareka. Notornis, 20(3), 279-279.
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Lyall, H. (1963). Coot behaviour at Okareka. Notornis, 10(7), 353-354.
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Lyall, H. (1964). Two forms of Redpoll in high country. Notornis, 11(2), 126-126.
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Luttrell, J., & Falkner, M.. (1991). Spurwings retrieve their eggs. Notornis, 38(2), 151-151.
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Lovei, G. (1998). Birds as monitors of environmental change. Notornis, 45(2), 140-140.
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Lovegrove, T. (2017). Contents and index of Volume 64, 2017. Notornis, 64(1-4), 243-253.
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Lovegrove, T. C. (1975). Bird notes from Hunua. Notornis, 22(4), 306-306.
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Lovegrove, T. C. (1978). Swallows at sea. Notornis, 25(3), 255-256.
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Lockstone, R. H. (1967). Lesser Frigate Bird over Waiheke. Notornis, 14(4), 224-224.
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