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Pye, D. (2001). North Shore City Dotterels. Southern Bird, 6(Jun), 8-8.
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Pye, D. (2004). OSNZ Plan. Southern Bird, 19(Sep), 7-7.
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Pye, D. (2000). Predator Pooh. Southern Bird, 3(Sep), 6-6.
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Purser, D. R. (1952). Giant petrel recovery. Notornis, 4(8), 213-213.
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Purchase, D. (1980). Giant petrel records from Fiji. Notornis, 27(4), 406-407.
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Pullen, R. C. (1967). Nesting success of a Pied Stilt colony. Notornis, 14(2), 76-79.
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Pulham, G. (2001). Mangawhai census - November 2001. Southern Bird, 8(Dec), 7-7.
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Pulham, G. (2004). Fairy Tern update. Southern Bird, 19(Sep), 9-9.
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Pulham, G. (2001). Inner city Dabchicks. Southern Bird, 6(Jun), 3-3.
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Pulham, G. (2001). Fairy Terns return?. Southern Bird, 8(Dec), 13-13.
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Prickett, J. (1962). Brown Teal [photo only]. Notornis, 9(8), 281-281.
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Prickett, A. (1959). Tuis in an Auckland garden. Notornis, 8(4), 123-124.
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Prentice, A. C. (1953). Behaviour of oystercatchers. Notornis, 5(6), 201-201.
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Pratt, E. (1979). The growth of a Cattle Egret colony. Notornis, 26(4), 353-356.
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Pracy, L. T. (1969). Weka liberations in the Palliser Bay region. Notornis, 16(3), 212-213.
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